Berlin spart Energie

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About Berlin spart Energie

Berlin spart Energie (Berlin saves energy) is a permanent campaign of the country of Berlin (senate administration of environment, traffic and climate protextion). It is part of the bigger Senate's programme Berliner ImpulsE, which offers information and services (like different campaigns, newsletters, tools and events) for Berlin's building and energy sector.

Focus and tools

The campaign itself has two purposes: to connect the local professionals on a low level scale and to inform Berlin inhabitants of successful energy efficient building projects and energy saving services in the whole metropolitan area.

The campaign offers different tools to reach it's aims. It has access to a highly specialized network of professionals and institutions to both connect them and to distribute their informations throughout the network quickly. A monthly newsletter helps its recipients to stay informed about recent efficiency projects in Berlin.

To communicate the idea of efficient buildings, Berlin spart Energie offers a permanent online database of successful building projects (best practice) with contact information of the people and institutions in charge. Users can browse through the whole database easily and find projects of specific interest with only a few clicks to gain additional information.

The "action week" of Berlin spart Energie

Since 2012 a lot of cooperative institutions are launching an annual "action week" (Aktionswoche) together. Under the umrella of "Berlin spart Energy" they give free access to their projects and services for the public.

In dozens of tours, events and councelings Berlin professionals as well as inhabitants can visit hundrets of projects, initiatives and buildings to gain rare insights. Spots of interests are private grounds as well as rooftops full of solar panels, the technical environment of public basements, critical energy infrastructure or construction sites of top-of-the-arts efficient buildings.

On top of the tours there are events for privates and professionals every evening, helping to discuss and to understand the processes in the Berlin energy and climate politics as well as technical and financial aspects.

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